Meet the Author


Naana has always been passionate about writing. Growing up in Ghana she remembers fondly, her sibling fights, especially with her sister Kukuwa, were with written notes or letters, to which she would always respond with words and, “It’s not fair, I can’t write like you.” It is no wonder she grew up to become an English teacher and writer.

Naana loves to write poetry and children’s stories. Her poems have been printed in various anthologies. Most of her writing is drawn from her African background to teach others, especially children about her culture. She has spread her knowledge having taught world cultures at the Center for Talented Youth (affiliated with Johns Hopkins University) and African History and Culture at the James Farmer Scholar program at Mary Washington College. She has chaired and coordinated several multicultral activities and international day celebrations in her community.

She is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

She and her husband have an empty nest since their three children have flown the coop.

Fun facts about Naana:

Her soul name is Adwowa

Favorite sitting position: crosslegged

Her ideal relaxation mode: the aroma of a burning candle and sipping herbal tea with hiplife or highlife music softly playing

Loves any type of chocolate

She can be described as adventurous and creative

For more information on the African Touch program, click here


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