Meet the Author


Naana Kyereboah, originally from Ghana, West Africa, is a children’s writer, teacher and speaker. She loves to write poetry and children’s stories. Most of her writing is drawn from her African background. With her African Touch program, she also loves to teach others about the African culture and the African way of life. She has spread her knowledge further, having taught world cultures at the Center for Talented Youth (affiliated with Johns Hopkins University), and African history and culture at the James Farmer Scholar program at Washington & Lee College. Naana has chaired and coordinated several multicultural activities in her community: including the Ghana Educational Tent at the  Richmond Children’s Festival, Hampton International Children’s Festival and International Day celebrations at local schools. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Ghana. In addition, she has taken various creative writing courses through the Institute of Children’s Literature and other colleges in America. Her poems have been published in the following poetry anthologies: Voices In the Heart (The Poetry Guild) and Celebrate! Poets Speak Out! (Teachers -2001). For the past eight years, her students’ poems and essays have earned their school the Poetic Achievement Award annually. Naana lives in Virginia with her husband, Thomas. They have two daughters and a son.

For more information on the African Touch program, click here(add link)


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